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Lawn Aerators

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    Aerate your own lawn with a rented tool. An associate at your local ARA-affiliated rental store will help you find the right aerator for your project.

    Heavy-traffic and clay-like areas of the lawn make it prone to soil compaction. The process of aerating involves removing plugs of soil to allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate previously compacted soil or thatch-covered areas and reach the roots of the grass. Improve drainage and the overall health of your yard with a rented lawn aerator.

    If you think that all rental aerators are alike, this list might convince you otherwise. Review the various features possible on rental aerators to determine which ones you require. Your local ARA-affiliated rental store professional also can help you find an appropriate aerator.

    • Type. Types of rental aerators include manual or powered walk-behind aerators, stand-on aerators and towable aerators.
    • Power supply. Either gas or electricity can supply power to a powered aerator. Other than the power supply, the two types of aerators work similarly. The length of the electrical cord limits electric aerators, making them a second choice for aerating very large lawns.
    • Core vs. spike. Core aerators remove turf cores or plugs from the ground, whereas a spike aerator only punches holes in the ground. You normally only aerate using a core aerator when your soil is heavily compacted and even then, only at certain times of the year. Ideally, you should aerate cool-season grasses, such as perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, using a core aerator in the fall and spring. Warm-season grasses like zoysia and bermuda benefit most from spring or summer core aerating. On the other hand, you can use spike aerators on less compacted soil and more often than you can use a core aerator. However, a spike aerator sometimes increases soil compaction.
    • Ease of use. Rental aerators can have many features that make them easier and less tiring to use, including self-propulsion and the ability to turn without lifting the tines.
    • Portability. A rented, powered aerator easily weighs more than 250 pounds, so you should have a helper for loading and unloading it. When you rent an aerator, features such as a fold-down handlebar also aid in transporting. Some rental stores rent trailers for transporting rented aerators.
    • Working width.Towable aerators often come in widths that cover a wider surface with each pass than walk-behind aerators do. The wider the path the rental aerator makes, the fewer passes that you will have to make with it to finish your lawn. In addition, a wider width on a rental aerator typically means that it has more tines. You also must consider the aerator width if you have narrow gates that the aerator must enter.


    Rental stores carry various types of aerators to meet all budgets and needs.

    • Manual walk-behind aerator. Rent this labor-intensive aerator for aerating a small patch of lawn or a very small lawn.
    • Powered walk-behind aerator. Either electricity or gas can supply power to rental aerators. Weights can be added to this type of aerator to adjust how deeply the tines will go into the ground. Some aerators include water tanks that can be filled for extra weight. Many powered models also are self-propelled.
    • Stand-on aerator. These rental aerators operate in the same manner as powered walk-behind units, except the operator rides on the equipment while aerating the lawn.
    • Towable aerator. For those who use a tractor to mow the lawn, renting a towable aerator to attach to it may provide the best rental option. A rented towable aerator works well for large areas of lawn. Before renting a towable aerator, know the horsepower of the lawn tractor to choose the correct size of aerator.

    Benefits of renting an aerator

    Here are some reasons to rent an aerator:

    • Easy do-it-yourself project. Aerating a lawn is the perfect task for do-it-yourselfers who want a beautiful lawn but do not want to subject themselves to the high-pressure sales tactics of a professional lawn service.
    • Beautiful lawn. Aerating a lawn prepares it to receive the water and nutrients it needs and lessens thatch. This aeration promotes a healthier lawn, making it more resistant to heat, drought, foot traffic and disease.
    • The rental solution. It can be cost prohibitive to buy a high-quality aerator. Renting an aerator helps achieve high-quality lawn results without using a professional lawn service or buying an aerator.
    • Environmentally responsible. Aerating a lawn allows more water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, which reduces the need to water or apply herbicides to the lawn.

    Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your aerator needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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