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Save Space by Renting Food Service Equipment

    Are you a catering company? A restaurant that does catering on the side? An individual who caters as a side hustle? Then you can benefit from food service equipment rental. Owning this equipment takes up valuable space. When you aren’t using the equipment daily, it quickly becomes unnecessary clutter. Yes, you need food service equipment to do your job, but there’s an alternative to buying that doesn’t require storage or a costly upfront investment. That alternative is rental.

    Use space wisely

    Small or individually run catering businesses don’t have excess storage space, and large establishments may not want to use their space for equipment storage. No matter which segment you fall into, food service rental equipment solves your storage woes. It allows you to use space for more important, daily-use items.

    Don’t think your food service equipment is taking up too much space? Consider yourself lucky! Here’s a common list of necessary catering equipment:

    Maybe you use more equipment, or maybe you use less. This list varies based on the type of catering you do, and the type of event you’re catering.

    Clear the clutter

    Renting catering equipment means you only have the equipment when you need it, no more and no less. It’s out of sight and out of mind, making it one less thing to keep track of. All of the items above can be rented, passing a burden from your plate to the rental store’s plate. This both literally and figuratively clears up clutter within your business.

    What’s better? Rental stores often carry the best-of-the-best — and newest — product options. The newer the equipment they offer, the more likely people are to rent from them, which works in your favor. You can find “food service equipment rental near me” using the store locator above.

    Additional benefits of rental include saving money up front, not paying for upkeep and easier upgrades. Some equipment wears out quickly, too, making it not worth the money to buy. That equipment includes linens, coffeemakers and coolers. Those items are a good place to start if you want to start small with rental.

    Talk to your local rental store to discover how they can best support your food service operation. Chances are, they can take some of the coordination off your plate — and some of the clutter out of your workspace.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you rent catering equipment?

    Yes. Like so many other products, you can also rent food service equipment. Whether it’s a one-time rental for a graduation party, a long-term rental for your business or something you rent regularly to cater weddings, lean on the expertise of your local rental store.

    What types of food service equipment can you rent?

    You can rent any type of catering equipment, from everyday sheet pans to refrigerators and outdoor grills. If you don’t want to own any equipment, check your local rental store — you can likely rent it.

    What is considered kitchen equipment?

    Kitchen equipment refers to the larger appliances used to prepare food, whether that equipment is manual or automatic. They include items such as a stove, grill, toaster oven, food processor, refrigerator and more. The type of kitchen equipment used will vary based on the food prepared.