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Top 4 Tools Every Homeowner Should Rent
    Home improvement projects can come with a hefty price tag, especially if you don’t have the specialized tools you need to get the job done. If you’re ready to tackle DIY projects, but don’t want to go all in on purchasing multiple tools that you may only use once, renting your home improvement tools could be your best solution. Whether you’re tackling a small honey-do list item, or taking on a major home project, finding a rental partner to meet your tool needs is easy using the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Tool rental gives you confidence and opportunity to work on projects you never thought possible, no matter your skill level or property size. There are hundreds of tools you could rent for a variety of projects, and we’ve detailed the top 4 tools used by DIYers when working in and around their house – Floor Sanders, Paint Sprayers, Power Augers, and Ground Tillers.

    Floor Sander

    If you’ve got solid wood floors, maintaining the finish is a must after years of wear and tear. With the increase in floor sander rentals, freshening up your hardwoods has become a much more accessible project for the average homeowner. When visiting your local rental store, be sure to consult the rental professionals on which type of sander you need or want so they can guide you in the right direction based off your comfort level and flooring needs. They can also help give you additional information and training before your start your project.  

    Paint Sprayer

    A fresh coat of paint can dramatically change a space, but not too many homeowners get excited about the thought of buying the rollers and drop cloths for a painting session. Instead of rolling and brush painting, consider renting a paint sprayer for an easy and professional looking finish. Paint sprayers take a little practice, but once you’re comfortable, the result is smooth and much less time consuming than traditional painting. With the time and energy saved using a rented paint sprayer, you can paint additional rooms, closet doors, or anything else you need.  

    Power Auger

    Ready to finally fix that sagging section of your fence, or add a deck to your outdoor oasis? Save yourself time and trouble – avoid the manual posthole digger and go straight for the power auger rental. The corkscrew-like machine can give you deeper holes for your fence posts or deck structure in a fraction of the time with virtually no back strain. Power augers come in one person and two person sizes depending on how large of a hole you may need and what type of soil you have.  

    Rotary Tiller

    Setting up a home garden or giving your grass a refresher has never been easier with a rotary tiller. Since this is a tool you only need once or twice a year, renting is ideal to keep coveted garage space available for other items. Rent a rotary tiller in the spring to loosen soil for planting season or to get a big yard ready for additional seeding, and then in the fall to prepare for the colder months.  

    Best practices

    Before any type of tool rental, review the tips below and read all manufacturer warnings and instructions. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional can provide complete instructions.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When making the choice between tool rental and buying, consider a few elements: storage, budget, and usage. Renting tools allows you to use the specific tool you need, for less money, without having to worry about it gathering dust in your garage or shed.   Use to find rental tools near you. Enter your desired tool and location into the search fields to find local rental stores to meet your needs. Related articles: Rent the Right Paint Sprayer Paint Sprayer Rental Options DIY Guide: Rent a Floor Sander Portable Flooring Rental Choices Abound