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5 Social Distancing Backyard Party Ideas
    As 2020 continues, you may be feeling comfortable with the idea of hosting a backyard party. The risk for those attending depends on precautions taken, the virus’ presence in the area, and people’s age and health. According to experts interviewed by NPR, the smaller the party, the better. Staying outdoors is better than being indoors. Maintaining your distance is important. The longer you hang out, the higher the risk becomes. Personal preferences, local laws and national guidance can help determine what type of backyard party matches your comfort level. Below are some ideas to get you started.
    1. Backyard movie night. Invite another family or a couple of friends to bring their own blankets and snacks for a movie night. Set up your areas at an appropriate distance from one another. Wondering how to put on the big show? Rent a projector and a screen from your local rental store.
    2. BYO lawn games. Have lawn games? Have friends with the same lawn games? Invite them to bring their set over and challenge them to a socially distant game. Each competitor or team should play with the set they brought. Don’t be afraid to make up new rules for the lawn games that bring additional fun in the socially distant situation.
    3. Backyard block party. Rather than having a block party on the street, have it in your own backyards. People can grill their own food and the sounds of everyone enjoying being outside can add to the fun. Add an additional touch of fun by renting a PA sound system and play music for the whole area. Be sure to let neighbors know and find out if there are any necessary noise permits and how to safely obtain them for the event. While you might not be closely mingling, it can still be fun to be a part of the activity.
    4. Scavenger Hunt. Invite another family or a couple of friends to contribute items to find throughout the neighborhood. Start at a distance in the backyard by emailing the list to everyone to get started. Set a time limit and have them make a list of all the scavenger hunt items they saw. Come back to the yard and talk about the interesting things that were discovered.
    5. Virtual backyard party. Determine a way to communicate while you and your friends all hang out in your own backyard. It could be a video call, walkie talkies, or as simple as texting. Let everyone know it is about relaxing and having fun and they don’t need to communicate the whole time. It can be nice to just know people you care about are relaxing and are virtually present as you enjoy the outdoors.
    Additionally, while not everyone enjoys spending time outdoors, it is a safer alternative to indoor gatherings. To help with comfort, consider renting a tent for shade and encouraging guests to bring comfortable seating.

    Best practices

    When seeing others, best practices can help in lowering risk, but it is not possible to have zero risk. It is up to the people involved to determine their comfort level and tolerance for risk. Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your social distancing needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Related articles: Casino Night Planning Checklist Rent a Grill to Get Your Event Cooking For the Ultimate Super Bowl Party, Rent It! 6 Ways to Bring Your Inside Wedding Outside Rent a Popcorn Machine